Chemical monitoring in textile supply chainsHow ChainPoint facilitates sustainable textile supply chains

ChainPoint has a proven track record in providing software solutions that help international brands and organisations active in textile and apparel achieve their sustainability goals. We help companies get answers to their supply chain sustainability questions and give them insight into their entire textile supply chain.

  • How can we keep track of audits, certifications and sustainability measures taken at all supplier levels and across our supply chain?
  • Can we be sure our suppliers don’t employ child labour and treat their workers fairly?
  • Which chemicals are used?
  • How can we see more than just one-up / one-down in our supply chain?
  • How to get more insight?
  • And how can we be certain we’re sourcing sustainably?

The solutions we offer are very flexible and offer best in class configuration options. Whatever the requirements, we provide our customers the flexibility they need. After all businesses and markets change. Therefore, software solutions should be adaptable to fast-changing circumstances.


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What are your supply chain sustainability challenges?

Do you currently face sustainability challenges in your textile supply chain? Why not contact us at ChainPoint for information about how our software solutions can help. We will be more than happy to demonstrate our solutions and possibilities. Please fill in you details below, and we will contact you. Thank you.