How to create efficient and sustainable cosmetics and personal care supply chains? 

Producers of cosmetics and personal care products are under growing pressure. Less raw material availability, unsustainable production, dependence on oil, rising costs, increasing health concerns and investor scrutiny are just some of the issues facing the cosmetics and personal care industry. Ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products are coming under growing scrutiny. ChainPoint helps cosmetics companies to connect their supply chains and make them more visible and transparent. Using advanced web-based software, ChainPoint connects all stakeholders and data sources in a supply chain and bring them into a secure online platform, enabling full visibility and traceability.

Sustainable Cosmetics Solution Paper

Cosmetics_Solution_Paper.pngThe many challenges in cosmetics and personal care supply chains share one common point: whatever the challenge, collecting data and turning this data into actionable information will always be needed. That’s where ChainPoint’s flexible and configurable platform comes in, connecting supply chains to create visibility and traceability. In our latest solution paper we have highlighted the challenges and how ChainPoint’s technology can help solve them. Please download this complimentary report using the button below.


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