KPMG and ChainPoint have teamed up to brief you on developments in sustainable supply chains in a cutting edge webinar. You can view the webinar recording by leaving your details in the form. 

An outline of this webinar is provided below: 

  1. The broader picture: global trends in sustainable supply chains
  • Current and evolving regulations in supply chains sustainability.
  • Investor attitudes towards supply chain risks.
  • Impacts on costs of companies operating in (food) supply chains.
  1. The challenges faced by firms in monitoring and managing supplier performance
  • Results of recent surveys with company leadership.
  • Since there are many overlapping challenges in sustainability and food safety, we will address corresponding food safety issues and possible solutions on data management.
  1. How to manage the information flow beyond organizational boundaries
  • Overview of interventions to overcome challenges in data management.
  • A hands-on case study on data management.